Sierra de las Nieves - Valle del Guadalhorce
Caminito del Rey

With Abetodelsur discovering a unique territory

Villages of white houses and narrow streets that invite us to delve into their past.

The Villages

In the interior of the province of Malaga, a short distance from the bustling Costa del Sol, we find a set of white villages, hills, surrounded by an exhilarating natural setting and with a very important historical and cultural heritage.

Villages whose historic buildings still reveal their Andalusian past, among narrow and labyrinthine streets lined by white houses decorated with colored pots.

You can also find traces of other civilizations in this territory. The existence of Roman roads and several archaeological sites attest that it was inhabited since Antiquity.

In short, towns that will surprise the visitor for their scenic and cultural wealth.

Territory of contrasts with high peaks and deep chasms.


The Sierra de las Nieves is a territory of contrasts between mountain ranges and steep limestone formations and smooth hills with reddish tones.

It owes its name to the presence of snow on its peaks that throughout years past, remained almost all year. Snow that was preserved in natural snow fields in the mountains and that, during the night, was distributed in different towns.

A very appreciated natural environment for hiking and adventure sports. Its renown includes peaks like the Torrecilla de 1,919, as well as hidden wells and chasms like the GESM with 1,101 meters of depth.

A rich cultural heritage resulting from the different civilizations that have inhabited these lands.


The Sierra de las Nieves has its own culture that has been transmitted from generation to generation orally and is anchored by the local people.

A culture that is determined by its natural environment. Livestock, mountain agriculture, water culture and forestry have been the fundamental works and have left traces everywhere in the mountains.

In the monumental aspect the castles and watchtowers are emphasized such as those of Monda, El Burgo, Istán or Tolox that gave rise to the present populations. Inevitable as well is the visit to the city of Ronda.

Gastronomy is another of the great values of the area with the preparation of traditional dishes, sample of the Mediterranean cuisine, made with olive oil and typical products of the land such as olives, almonds, cereals, legumes, asparagus, mushrooms, thistles, ..

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